Saturday, 10 December 2011

wh-question words part2

Match the questions to the answers.
1. Where is your house?  a. because I'm sick.
2. How are you?  b. spaghetti.
3. When is the school party?  c. on Herzl Street.
4. Why are you home today?  d. I'm great,thank you.
5. Who is your best friend?  e.  Anna
6. What is your favorite food?  f. on July 15th
  • Tick the correct Wh-word  .
    1. Who / Why / Where
    are the kids?
    They are outside now.
    2.How / Who / Why 
    is the baby in bed ?
    Because he is very tired.
    3.What / When / How old
    is the test?
    on Friday
    4. How much / When / How
     are the oranges?
    two ringgit a kilo
    5. How much / How old / When
    is your sister?
    She is 17 years old today.
    6.What / Where / Who
     color is the dress?
    It is green.
    7.How / How many / Why
    do you go to work every morning?
    I go to work by car.
    8.Where / What / When
     are my shoes?
    They are under the chair.
    9. Why / What / When
    are you home every day?
    at about 7:00 p.m.
    10.How / Where / What
     is on the shelf?
    the radio